AWE Europe and VR Days Europe

If you are interested in Virtual Reality then you definitely do not want to miss those event in October ! The AWE EUROPE 2018, the world largest AR+VR event, is back in Europe again! The event will be held on October 18-19, Munich, Germany. Workshops, showcases, sessions and more! Impresive list of speakers, featuring speakers from Google, Oculus, Facebook, HTC & more. Hury up to register! Become a part of VR Days Europe 2018, October 24-26 in Amsterdam. VR Days is the three-day event, including conference, where the "cream of the international VR & AR world is coming to inspire. At this year’s festival attendees can expect a compelling range of keynotes, sessions, workshops and seminars with over 140 thought leaders and experts drawn from the health, technology, business and arts sectors.

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3 August 2022
Test Annotation EN
A Structural Thermal Optical Performance (STOP) analysis consists in modeling accurately temperature changes and structural loads (including thermal stress) on the optical system.


11 August 2020
3D printed optics is a new technology which could have application in various domains such as lighting, contact lenses, endoscopes lenses, opthtalmic lenses or microscope lenses.

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